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Lorenzo and Simona Perrone are the authors of "Libri Bianchi". They were born respectively in Milan in 1944 and in Flroence in 1958. They live and work in Milan.

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Lorenzo and Simona work together at their "LibriBianchi" (White Books), a cycle of sculptures that are the expression of a personal artistic research that they have been developing for over twenty years and that explores the world of books to establish a strong binomial Book/Culture as a synonym of civilization.

The book is therefore their subject of research and at the same taime the raw material they work on. Through the use of plaster, glue and acrylic paint, the Perrones transform books into sculptures. Their intervention on the object-book produces a perceptual shift from the semantic to the symbolic dimension. The book is thus shaped and translated towards an accentuated symbolism, reinforcing the binomial Book/Culture. The language becomes that of surfaces and volumes. Covered in white, each book becomes an Archetype and screams out silently to be read in another way.

Lorenzo Perrone first attended the Humanitarian "School of Books" in Milan and that of Painting at "Castello Sforzesco"; after moving to New York, he attended courses in graphics and cinema at “New School” and “School of Visual Arts”. His professional life develops in the field of graphics and communication in Milan, London and New York. His multifaceted personality pushes him to paint, write stories for cinema, design sculpture-books that give rise, since year 2000, to the creation of the sculptural cycle "LibriBianchi". In 2015, with the collaboration of his wife Simona, Perrone expands his production to large installations and bronzes.
Simona was born and attended schools in Florence, forging a classical background in humanitarian studies, but it was her family tailoring company that gave her a professional imprint, in Paris first, where she moved and expressed herself through costume and fashion collaborating with magazines and international photographers. In the mid-90s she moved to the Tuscan countryside where she founded a creative design and communication studio. An eclectic nature leads her to conduct innovative and creative research linked to ethical values that will find its outlet in the encounter with Lorenzo and LibriBianchi.


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