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Alejandro Quincoces was born in 1951 in Bilbao. He lives and works in Arciniega, Spain.


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Aljeandro Quincoces has dedicated himself to drawing and painting since childhood. He studied Fine Arts at the Universidad del País Vasco, graduating in 1991. He combined his activity as a painter with work in a number of advertising agencies for many years, but he’s been dedicating to painting full-time for more than 30 years now.

Quincoces’ current art-work focuses on urban landscapes, mainly those of New York, Chicago and Bilbao. His interests are street scenes, rivers, industrial spaces, panoramic and vertical views from the top of skyscrapers.
Through his paintings the artist demonstrates the power of the painted image when representing either a fleeting moment of people and cars hectically progressing in the streets, or dusk igniting a cloud made of fog and smoke. His romantic gaze looks for light effects: lamps, shadows and reflections in the cool illumination of dawn and the warmer light of the afternoon.
Quincoces captures in his unmistakable personal language the poetry of beauty hidden in scenes of everyday life, even in the tougher aspects of reality.
Each painting is distinguished by his use of only a few colours through diversifying them into many shades. This reduction is intentional, inviting the spectator’s attention to concentrate on the overall mood thus avoiding distraction from details. In order to achieving a forceful statement he applies layers of material before painting, which creates textures and highlights expression. The style of some of his works reminds us of Romantic painters, even of the late Turner.

Quincoces has exhibited individually in many European capitals, mostly in Spain, Italy and France. He has participated in art fairs and museum displays in Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and United States. He has obtained many prizes and his work is represented in important museum and art foundation collections. His art-work has been widely reviewed in newspapers and art magazines.


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