Virgilio was born in La Spezia in 1967. As observed by Franco Basile in the following text for a recent exhibition “He chose to sign his work with the name of the poet Dante raised as a symbol of human wisdom. Virgil, an established name even for not wanting to appear to be a faceless signature and to establish himself as a holder of a ticket for a journey without dates and without a precise destination.”

Self-taught, after graduating from an art school, Virgil often visited museums, where he gradually learned to draw from the works of the great masters of the past.

He studied “Il Libro dell'Arte" by Cennino Cennini and the "Trattato sulla pittura" by Leonardo Da Vinci: important texts which allowed him to acquire the basics of painting techniques from the past. Virgil’s work is a puzzle without an aid, as he likes to call it: a labyrinthine game in which the observer can never find the beginning or the end. When the solution seems to appear, there is something that emerges from detection and finally the observer is obliged to start over.

Virgil has worked for a long time with the Galleria Forni, with whom he has had ​​numerous solo exhibitions and with whom he has participated in art fairs abroad. He currently lives and works in Sarzana.

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