Spazzini Giovanni

Giovanni Spazzini was born in Milan on July 30, 1951.

During the studies ( high school ; degree in economics ) Spazzini cultivated his inclination for the arts through a continual exercise, first in drawing than painting. Initially his job brought him away from pencils and brushes for few years, but soon his desire for the artistic expression started again to be an always more important part of his daily life, even if limited in moments and space.

Due to the incompatibility of painting with his work commitments, Spazzini, in 1998, was led to make art his sole activity. Since then his artistic evolution continues to unfold through the study, the exercise and the incessant experimentation, which took him to create many works with different kinds of techniques that he has continued to show in several exhibitions. In 1999, his first solo exhibition at the Art Gallery Davico in Turin, the year after other works were shown at the Image Gallery of Bologna.

In 2001 and 2002 he exhibited in Milan, at the Gallery Antonia Jannone and at the Open Box respectively. In 2004 he presented his works at the Gallery Capitolium Conteporary in Brescia, in 2009 at the Spazio Orso 16 in Milan, and in 2014 at the Fabbriche Chiaramontane in Agrigento, Sicily.

Moreover, in 2014 in Milan, took place his most recent personal exhibition dedicated to the portrait, to which Spazzini has always been mostly devoted and represents a relevant role in his artistic activity.

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