Quincoces Alejandro

Alejandro Quincoces was born in Bilbao, 1951.

He has dedicated himself to drawing and painting since childhood and now he combines his activity as a painter with work in a number of advertising agencies. He studied Fine Arts at the Universidad del País Vasco. All over Spain he has won over one hundred painting prizes, among them several medals, the BMW Prize and others in the oldest and one of the most prestigious competitions in Spain: the National  Plastic Arts Exhibition of Valdepeñas. He has also won the Lorenzo el Magnífico Prize in the Florence Contemporary Art Biennale. The motifs or themes of his work come from everyday surroundings, especially people’s daily lives, and through different medias, such as TV, photography or the direct observation of daily life. The aim is to involve the spectator in a relatable image of sentiments and expressions, in which the painter sometimes hints at a message on thoughts about the relativity of time, the passing of life, and of the inevitable social involvement. His recent themes include events that have appeared in the media: environmental and nuclear disasters (Fukushima), fires, etc. He also paints figures and portraits, themes that deal with human experience and intimate, close feelings or anything that affects society as a responsible collective. His preferences for slight colour is clear, seeking suggestion rather than purity, together with his liking for mixture rather than pure elements, for destruction of the form rather than construction to ensure that the audience has to work in order to participate in the re-composition of reality seen and felt by him.

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