Quaresima Paolo

Paolo Quaresima was born in 1962 in Merano, Bolzano, where he still lives and works.

Quaresima received his upper arts education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice in 1988. Since then he has dedicated his career fully to painting.

His initial artistic research focused on the human figure: men and women portrayed through a sober essentiality; paying particular attention to form, character and strength.

Only a few years ago, he added the subject of “Objects” to his repertoire of inspirations. “Objects” which should not be categorised as simply still-life but more specifically as the Working Tools of the modern world. Through this humble subject, Quaresima explores into the daily life; objects which are often taken for granted but have and continue to take an important role in human lives.

Even if Quaresima has opted to stop portraying human figures, the man’s presence has always remained intact by the representation of his objects. Objects that stand by themselves but it seems as if a man lingers one step to the side of the painting.

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