Piredda Alessandro

Alessandro Piredda was born in Riccione in 1974. He lives and works in Misano Adriatico, near Rimini.

He attended the Academy of Fine Arts Albe Steiner in Ravenna that fostered his interest in architecture and photography. His interest for photography combined with his passion for motorbikes, generated by the nearby Misano World Circuit, gave birht to his collaboration with several sports magazines, which lasted for several years while attending the DAMS faculty in Bologna. His love for architecture never really faded and has been renewed in these last few years by his research focusing on historical monuments.

With his recent cycle of works named "Darkitectures" Piredda depicts some of the historical monuments of Italian architecture, shooting in black/white and rigorously at night. Photography has provided proof of the flows of cities and civilizations by the means of light and shadow, darkness and brightness. Piredda's shots capture time, imprisoned by the stone; they reproduce the memory of the stone, which is not conceived as a lifeless matter but rather a continuation of the vital impetus of living forms.


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