Nannini Nicola

Nicola Nannini was born in Bologna in 1972. He currently lives and works in Sant’Agostino, Ferrara.

He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and he soon started to exhibit his work, he dedicated himself entirely to painting. He supports the teaching, especially as a teacher of figure and drawing at the School of Craft in Cento and at the free courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona.

Nannini’s main subjects are essentially figure and landscape, from which Nannini has made his unique research: the figures seem to be the sample of human types considered by the clothes and accessories they wear.

Each figure represented is always accompanied by a sort of illustrated list of all the objects that have characterised it, in order to emphasise the idea of cataloguing. .

The landscapes, which are the most recent series of works, are the result of analysis performed on the figures, are their “contextualisation”, the investigation of the places where they live.

Simple dwellings, without particular merit, often anonymous and serial, are represented to highlight the special housing, or rather, as the author suggests, to highlight “all those objects that furnish the daily life of those who live inside”.

The intention therefore is to speak of humanity without describing it physically but through its "territory" of relevance.

The few figures which accompany these landscapes also appear to be of inanimate details within the landscape, such as a machine, a tool, a bicycle: they are "applied as figurines" in front of the doorway, posing static and fixed to emphasise the effect of the "list".

It was then that he finally abandoned the lyricism and warmth of the nocturnal landscapes that Nannini presented to staff in 2003 at the Galleria Forni: the skies have been turned white, absolutely neutral if not absent, with the sole purpose to "crop the main house"; the warm and reassuring light has been replaced by a white light, cold and inquiring; the chiaroscuro has been reduced to the essentials; the view is always at the front and perspective almost non-existent; attention to detail is much more marked and addressed to reveal the innermost details.

Nannini's painting reveals a rare combination of a high technical quality and the unquestionable ability to combine, in an image of the Italian tradition, all instances of modern and contemporary figuration.

His last exhibition was organised in 2011 at the Galleria Forni in Bologna.

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