Molard Isabella

Isabella Molard was born in 1957. Until the age of 17 she lived in Kouribgha and Tanger, Morocco. When she arrived in France, she started studying at the University of Strasbourg and achieved a Master’s degree in Fine Arts with an essay on “intermediate spaces in drawings and photographies”. She also passed the Agregation which is the most prestigious competitive examination for posts on the teaching staff of French high schools. Therefore, she taught artistery for 20 years in different places in France. Later on, she was given responsabilities in the educational services of Art in Normandy museums such as the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Caen.

She had started a career as a painter much earlier on in her life. When she was only 22, she took part in an exhibition of large drawings at the Musée d’Art Moderne de Strasbourg and then at the Meyer Ellinger gallery in Frankfort, Germany. The latter showed her works in International Art Fairs of Bâles, Cologne and Düsselsdorf. She displayed her drawings at Fred Lanzenberg’s gallery in Brussels, who then introduced her to Paris FIAC (International Modern Art Fair). She exhibited her waterpaints and charcoal drawings at Manus Presse, at the Klaus Gerrit Friese Gallery and at Iris Eckert’s Gallery in Sylt. In 2000, she began to regularly exhibit her works on wooden boards or canvas in Italy at the Forni Gallery (Milan, Bologna, Ragusa) and in Turin, Brindisi.

She is famous as well for her luminous views of large open spaces and also for her more intimate representations of gardens with flashes of sunlight. Generally speaking, her drawings and paintings give off sensations of serenity. Her work is an invitation to a peaceful and meditative silence. Some images even suggest the idea of a music coming from somewhere far away in the backgroud. In Isabella Molard’s work, the viewer finds something such as the act of breathing, a very helpful feeling that saves them from the rushing of everyday life, or maybe a spring where they might want to dip their hand. Lately, Isabella Molard has been concentrating on new themes, painting objects, such as bread and brass or copper cups on large boards, and still, landscapes.


Personal exhibitions

1980     Frankfort, Germany, Meyer Ellinger Gallery

1981     Bruxelles, Belgium,  Fred Lanzenberg Gallery

1982     Sylt, Kampen, Germany, Iris Eckert Gallery

1984     Stuttgart, Manus-Presse Gallery

1987     Stuttgart, Manus-Presse Gallery

2002     Caen, France, Andrée and Pierre Saïet Gallery

2004     Turin, Davico Gallery , Vedute e paesaggi

2005     Bologna, Forni Gallery,  Pure Lumière

2005     Caen, Andrée and Pierre Saïet Gallery

2005     Brindisi, Gallery Il Tempietto

2007     Milan, Forni Studio Il giardino segreto 

2009     Milan, Forni Studio,  Bucoliche evasioni

2010     Ragusa, Sicily, Forni Gallery


Group exhibitions

1979     Strasbourg, Modern Art Museum, Art Aujourd’hui

1980     Strasbourg Cabinet des Estampes, Dessins 

2003     Collectiva Proposte  Gallery Forni,  Milan, Italy

2003     Collectiva « Proposte »  Gallery Forni,  Bologne

2003     Art Paris, Gallery Forni

2005     Milan, Gallery Forni, Estate. Racconti pittorici

2005     Bologna, Gallery Forni, I colori del nero

2005     Caen, Area Space

2006     Bologna, Gallery Forni, Flowers

2006     Milan, Vedute e visioni 

2006     Pavullo Nel Frignano,  Flowers

2007     Bologna, Acqua
2007     Pavullo Nel Frignano, Aqua

2007     Ragusa, Sicily, Collectiva

2007     58 ° Premio Fondazione Michetti « Nuovi realismi

2007     Angers, France,  Triptyque Art Fair

2008     Milan, Flowers

2008     Bologna - Collectiva

2008     Ragusa, Sicily, Collectiva

2010     Bologna, Mare Nostrum Il mare nell’arte contemporanea

2011     Bologna, Les Arbres


International Art Fairs

1980 -1984        International Art Fair Art’ Basel, by Meyer Ellinger Gallery,Francfort     

1985 - 1986       International Art Fair Art’ Basel  Art’ Basel , by  Manus-Presse Gallery, Stuttgart 

1980 -1984        Köln and Düsseldorf International Art Fairs, (One man show 1980), Meyer Ellinger Gallery, Frankfort

1981 - 1982      Paris, FIAC, Fred Lanzenberg Gallery, Belgium

2003 – 2010      Paris, FIAC Forni Gallery,  Italy 

2003 – 2010      ST’ART Strasbourg, Forni Gallery,  Italy

2003 – 2010      BOLOGNA ARTEFIERA by Forni Gallery,  Italy

2007                 Abu Dhabi,  Forni Gallery,  Italy

2003 - 2010       Milan MI’ART, Forni Gallery,  Italy



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2004     Catalog Isabella Molard 2004 with a commentary by Enrico Giustacchini

2004     Catalog Galleria Davico Turin

2005     Catalog  Pure lumière Exhibition 2005, with a commentary by Daniela del Moro


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