Mainardi Elvio

Elvio Mainardi was born in Adria (RO) in 1934. He lives and works in Bormio (SO).

The main theme of Mainardi's pictorial research is light, conceived as energy, as a driving force that moves, modifies and gives rise to unexpected shapes and overlaps, creating a harmonious dynamism of shapes and colors. He accomplished his artistic studies first in Venice and then in Bologna, where he lived for more than twenty years. In 1973 he moved to Bormio, in the Alps, where silence and uncontaminated nature allowed him to find his deepest intimacy of thought. Between 1970 and 1980 he participated in several national and international competitions and exhibited in major Italian cities. In 1985 he produced three posters for the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships in Bormio, from then on, several works have been commissioned by the sports world. Since 1986 he has been exhibiting regularly in the United States, first in Chicago, then in California, Carmel, San Diego, Los Angeles, La Jolla and more recently in Palm Desert. Among his several exhibitions, two in particular deserve to be mentioned: the anthological exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles in 1996 and the exhibition held in 2008 in his hometown, at the Franceschetti Foundation. His last one-man show was held at Galleria Forni in March 2018.

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