Perrone Lorenzo

Lorenzo Perrone was born in 1944 in Milan, where he attended the “Scuola del Libro” dell'Umanitaria and the painting school "Castello Sforzesco".

After various creative experiences in Milan, Paris and London, he moved to New York for another 10 years, where he attended graphic and film courses at the “New School” and “School of Visual Arts” and he worked in the field of communication.

For 11 years he has dedicated himself to Libri Bianchi, working on the movement in its perception by the semantic dimension to that of the symbolic.

He currently lives between Milan and Florence.

Libri Bianchi are real books which are combined with water and glue, stripping them of their contents, and thus obtaining an inanimate object, a raw material. At this point, the shape of the object and its unambiguous semantic function remain intact, and I intervene with chalk, white paint and various materials. The white grabs your attention, to the reflection, leading to long hours, deadening the noise and colours and smoothes the burr of the senses. Essential. Eventually, liberated from the weight of words, pages, and it becomes a symbol of the "Libri Bianchi" in its motionless candor, it is even more eloquent and cries silently to be read otherwise.” (Lorenzo Perrone)

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