La Fratrie

Two brothers are behind La Fratrie: Karim and Luc Berchiche.

They create four-handed sculptures of great evocative power. The leading theme is essentially the human relationship with environment. These miniature islands are made of the most diverse materials, revealing a complex and accurate plastic and formal construction, which makes of the authors some sort of craftsmen in a utopian world. These islands are actually aerial rocks being worlds apart, illusions uprooted from their place of origin, peculiar fictions of allegorical stories, but also concrete thoughts and reflections on the finitude and fragility of life.

Karim Berchiche: Born in 1978 in Le Quesnoy, France. He graduated in political science from SciencesPo, Paris.

Luc Berchice: Born in 1981 in Le Quesnoy, France. Master in Plastic Arts at Charles de Gaulle University in Lille, France.

They live and work in Montreuil

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