Pollini Gianluca

Gianluca Pollini was born in 1960. He currently lives and works in Bologna.

He started to photograph in 1982, working with naturalistic reportage, publishing in various journals and books in the field (Including Fotografi, Photo Italia, Fotopratica Immagini, Fotografare, Airone, Alp, Oasis, Aqua, Naturefotografie, Gente di Fotografia, Fotoit, Ali Natura).

Exhibited in various solo and group collections, his works are carried out in his studio and are mostly black and white, depicting still life, landscapes and animals.

Among Pollini’s many projects which he has worked on for years include his works dedicated to flowers ("the garden of forms" and "still life"), animals ("fauna"), and those related to his travels in the Po Delta and the scenery in northern Europe.

In 2006 he published his book “Fiori”.

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