Davoli Mauro

Mauro Davoli was born in Fornovo Taro (Parma) in 1955. He lives and works in Reggio Emilia.

Technical quality combined with a high aesthetic sensibility, make the shots of Mauro Davoli a visual experience on the borderline between photography and painting. "Vanitas" is the genre that he is most passionate of, floral compositions as well as fruits and vegetables, sometimes combined with objects and the unusual presence of insects. Davoli intends to portray the soul of his subjects and wants to investigate their intimate individuality, exploring beyond their surface, extracting their sensuality, perfumes and forms. They are inanimate objects, yet they are permeated by such a warm and romantic light that seems to infuse them with a new vital breath, elevating them to main characters of an unusual theatrical representation that puts on stage their incorporeal nature.

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