Cicognani Nicola

Nicola Cicognani was born August 26th 1968 in Bologna, Italy. He studied and obtained his degree in Law. In 2008 Cicognani began collaborating with Galleria Forni, Bologna.

The artist’s work has been presented in several collective and solo exhibitions in leading art fairs. His enthralling photographic mind is fascinated by dispersed and abandoned areas. Furthermore, Cicognani is particularly drawn to apparently insignificant details; old fishing boats, the details of flowers or other forms of nature. Through his innocent fascination he is able to capture the soul and essence of the long forgotten “things”. By this process of rediscovering the artist gives back the dignity that these objects and forms had long lost.

A project that speaks to his philosophy of photography is told through the image of the beach of Rimini in winter. Meant as a homage to the renowned director Valerio Zurini and to his film “Prima notte di quiete“-“First night of stillness”-. A film inspired by a Rimbaud’s atmosphere, and influenced by the loneliness of a provincial life. Cicognani addresses the man’s condition to perpetually hold on to the illusion of the pursuit of happiness. And this followed by the dramatic conscious awakening to the inability to reach such state of being.

Another project dedicated to Palermo 2010, Daniela Facchino, in a critique, talked about “A Palermo from which peeling and collapsing walls emerge the lives of people who have not only occupied spaces; but also left dreams, gestures and everyday objects that tell the story of this captivating city better than words.” The photography of Nicola passes through a process of layering of color and gestures that restore the emotions of past lives. The red blood paint, the food’s eroticism, the beauty of decay.. Elements appertaining to the city’s long story, but never before appeared so obvious. All these in the synthesis of a story told by passion rather than description. With no voyeurism but rather empathy, the narrative unfolds in a collection of traces. The story is minimalist and metaphoric. The vibrant, decomposed and violent colors are elements of the stories that Cicognani seeks to tell. The Palermo of Nicola is excessive, astonishing, and non-classifiable. A photo hanging off a wall’s corner shows a group of youngsters on their motorcycles; an entrance door appears as an overused palette; the slippers were left behind next to the tent. The signs of life that regardless of the surroundings, express its determination to survive to any condition.

From 2011 the project “An instant before or an instant after”, was defined by Denis Curti as “…A new and different photograph research which with great difficulty can be classified under an identifiable or renowned gender. If Cicognanni’s previous work followed a pattern characterized from a continuing, coherent, and lively look on the periphery of the Sicilian city; today Nicola works more autonomous. Putting aside the need for a theme, the interest for the human form emerges. Photography which collects the visual fragments allowing the single image to be the instrument that measures feelings. Nicola is gifted with an innate seismograph; a special sensitivity to the heart and mind. Even more so is hypersensitive to the feelings of nostalgia and sense of belonging. Women and men fill the framing. The color becomes the ideal background, but is rather rarefied, as if it was called to take on a narrative role instead of a compositional one. The world has always been seen through the filter of contradictions and fears, of joy and desires. However, inside these peripheries of the world; everything seems muffled. Silence is the background music and the words on scores are painted on the walls or in the infinite spaces of raindrops.

From 2012 Cicognani has been working hard in a special project dedicated to New York, presented in a preview of ArteFiera 2013. In the fall of the same year will be presented in a solo-exhibit in Galleria Forni, Bologna.

Projects successfully finished:

• La metafisica del marr (“Sea’s metaphysics”); (2008)

• Flowers; (2008)

• Rimini, Ommaggio a Valerio Zurlini (“Rimini, a Homage to Valerio Zurlini”); (2009)

• Palermo; (2009/2010)

• Un istante prima o un istante dopo (“An instant before or an instant after”), (2011)

• New York, (2012)


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