Carozzi Elena

Elena Carozzi was born in Milan in 1967. She lives and works in Sarzana.

She was educated to the arts since she was a child, growing in a stimulating environment where art and decoration were considered as fruitful humus for thoughts and reflections. She started her own artistic research in Milan, where she collaborated with architect Roberto Peregalli in interior decoration.

In 1996 she moved to Sarzana. Through the attendance of her grandfather's studio, Gian Carozzi - among the founders in the 1950s of the “Manifesto Spazialista” with Lucio Fontana – she approaches painting. Color, light and matter define a field of research intended as a continuous investigation of the pictorial form. Vuillard is the crucial point of reference for her research - a constantly growing experience that goes beyond the strict definition of genres, while still maintaining a vital relationship with Nature as a reference.
In recent years, the production of hand-painted tapestries has defined a further field of research, a sort of visual suggestion between pictorial and decorative experience.

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