Cargiolli Claudio

Cargiolli was born in Ponzanello in 1952, a small village near Fosdinovo (Massa Carrara, Italy).

He studied at an art secondary school and later at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, city where he still lives and works.

From the very beginning of his career he has expressed his free spirit curiosity and he favours themes from the imagination and fantasy; far from any bias to the fashions. Regardless of the freedom that he explores Cargiolli always remains careful and rigorous in seeking the good taste and follow the traditional painting techniques.

At a very young age during 1968, he began his participation in several exhibitions.

He had his first solo exhibition in 1971, at Fillungo Gallery in Luca. The exhibition was curated by the great critic and art historian Pier Carlo Santini, who followed the artist’s work for many years. In the midst of his early artistic experience, Cargiolli continued his academic education and he graduated from the Art Academy in 1974.

His school year period was a phase of extensive research and experimental painting, which his final production is characterized by enigmatic subjects: figures without faces and fragmented composed figures.  

Between 1983 and the years to follow, Cargiolli was able to transfer with major clarity his visions and dreams onto the canvas. These picturesque figures come together through the depiction and specific placement of volume, shapes, and objects that make up the fantastic stories

This process of experimentation increases by the second half of the 1980’s, a period in which the collaboration with the Galleria Forni began as well as a series of high profile exhibits in Italy and abroad.

Among his long repertoire of exhibits, some of the most important personal and collective participation are those in Palazzo Ducale in Massa and Palazzo Ducale in Urbin.

Nowadays Cargiolli with his meticulous perfectionism composes images of very high definition which become less and less crowded.

His paintings have evolved into dream-like, timeless, destined for a private interview; all worked through filter of genuinely acts of love.

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