Branca Mario

Mario Branca was born in Milan, Italy, December 18 in 1977.

In 2001, he earned a degree of Fine Arts in sculpture at the Brera Fine Art Academy. Branca has always shown a deep interest in metal sculpturing, assembling and welding. The artist has created his first pieces in iron to later move into copper. Nature is a recurrent theme in his work; this one is observed from reality or through botanical study illustrations. Through a detailed study of nature, Branca’s goal is to recreate it according to the aesthetic rules of geometry and volume.

Despite his young age, he has been commissioned several important sculpture and monumental projects, amongst them are, “Tre sculture in biblioteca” for the ex spinning mill in Cornaredo (Milan), “Il campè” sculpture dedicated to the fountain roundabout in Settimo Milanese, “Racconto palustre” project for the square of Banca Popolare of Lodi in San Donato Milanese. The last completed monumental piece is composed by two important works in copper, which one is 6 meters in height.

 He works and lives between Milan and Piacenza.

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